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The Institution of Civil Engineers (India)

Date& Day Forenoon Session (10.00 AM to 1.00 PM) Afternoon Session (2.00 PM to 5.00 PM)


TC 2.7 Construction Technology TC 1.1 Basic Civil Engineering
TA 2.1 History of Architecture TA 1.1 Basic Architectural Engineering
BCO 3.9 Traffic Engineering TC 2.1 Surveying
BAO 3.2 Rehabilitation of Structures TA 2.7 Surveying & Levelling
AC 1.1 Advanced Engineering Mathematics
AA 1.1 Advanced Engineering Mathematics
BC 2.1 Applied Hydraulics & Fluid Machines
BA 2.1 Professional Practice & Architectural Engg.


TC 2.8 Estimation, Costing & Specifications TC 1.2 Technical Writing
TA 2.8 Architectural Design & Graphics TA 1.2 Technical Writing
BCO 3.10 Highways and Railways Engineering TC 2.2 Fluid Mechanics & Machinery
BAO 3.3 Advanced Architectural Design TA 2.2 Free Hand Drawing & Painting
BCO 3.20 Irrigation Engineering AC 1.2 Advanced Strength of Materials
AA 1.2 Advanced Strength of Materials
BC 2.2 Machine Foundations
BA 2.2 Finishes, Materials & Specifications


TC 2.9 Civil Engineering Designs TC 1.3 Engineering Physics & Applied Mechanics
TA 2.9 Building Material & Science TA 1.3 Engineering Physics & Applied Mechanics
BCO 3.11 Airports, Docks & Harbors TC 2.3 Soil Mechanics
BCO 3.21 Ground Water Hydrology TA 2.3 Building Construction
BAO 3.4 Interior Design AC 1.3 Computer Programming and Numerical Methods
AA 1.3 Computer Programming and Numerical Methods
BC 2.3 Advanced Reinforced Concrete Design
BA 2.3 Building Services


TA 2.6 Estimation and Costing TC 1.4 Engineering Mathematics
BCO 3.12 Bridge Engineering TA 1.4 Engineering Mathematics
BAO 3.5 Landscape Architecture TC 2.4 Mechanics of Solids
TA 2.4 Structural Mechanics
AC 1.4 Foundation Engineering
AA 1.4 Foundation Engineering
BC 2.4 Optimization in Structural Design
BA 2.4 Advanced Structural Design

26- Jun-09


BCO 3.14 Pollution & Control Engineering TC 1.5 Engineering Drawing
BAO 3.6 Disaster Management for Buildings TA 1.5 Engineering Drawing
BCO 3.24 Water Resource Management TC 2.5 Basic Structural Design
TA 2.5 Theory of Structures
AC 1.5 Reinforced Concrete Structures & Advanced Concrete Technology
AA 1.5 Reinforced Concrete Structures & Advanced Concrete Technology
BC 2.5 Environmental Engineering
BA 2.5 Environmental Engineering


BCO 3.16 Industrial Waste Treatment & Disposal TC 1.6 Engineering Chemistry
BAO 3.7 Advanced Comp. Application for Arch. TA 1.6 Engineering Chemistry
BAO 3.8 Climatology & Architecture TC 2.6 Environmental Engineering
TA 2.10 Environmental Engineering
AC 1.6 Design of Steel Structures
AA 1.6 Design of Steel Structures
BCO 3.7 Building Science
BAO 3.1 Elements of Town Planning & Architecture

Date Sheet for Summer -2009 Examination

Notes: -

  1. ICE (I) has the right to change the schedule of subject/s on account of unavoidable circumstances.
  2. Candidates must carry the Membership Card & Admit Card to seek entry to the Examination Hall.
  3. The Examination hall will be opened 15 minutes before the time specified for the commencement of the Examination No candidate who is late by more than 30 minutes shall be admitted.
  4. Candidates using unfair means shall be dealt with as per rules of ICE(I) in this behalf.
  5. The result of the examination is likely to be declared after four weeks of the last examination held.
  6. Candidates to bring their own drawing board/instrument box for Engineering Graphics paper
  7. Only Non-Programmable Calculators / Standard, Design-Data Books, Log Tables are permitted in the Examination Hall.

TC : T. Engg. (Civil) AC : AMICE(Civil) Section A BC : AMICE(Civil) Section B BCO : AMICE(Civil) Section B (Optional)
TA : T. Engg. (Arch.) AA : AMICE(Arch.) Section A BA : AMICE(Arch.) Section B BAO : AMICE(Arch) Section B (Optional)